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While the United States is fighting terrorism in the Middle East, and contemplates a pivot to Asia, U.S. security planners cannot ignore the threats and challenges closer to home. Latin America is an important economic partner — a market for U.S. products and services, and a source of many goods Americans use daily. Geography allows crises and problems in Latin America to find their way to the United States. 


Latin America Security Report covers security issues such as state conflict, insurgencies, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, gangs and urban violence, and international criminal and terrorist activities. 

The experiences of states in Latin America are rich and diverse, and many of these experiences are relevant and applicable to other developing regions in the world and in post-conflict and reconstruction efforts. 

*Global Uniques 33K
United States 17K
Rest of World 16K

**Political Engagement
Inactive 11%
Somewhat Active 32%
Active 57% 

**Education Level
No College 18%
Bachelor’s Degree 34%
Master’s or Professional Degree 48%

*30 Day Last Updated June 12, 2023 

**U.S. Readers

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